Dipl.-Inform. Martin Lippert (akquinet agile GmbH):

Building Applications for Multiple Platforms using Eclipse Rich Client Platform

Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) is a runtime platform for delivering your Java applications on multiple platforms. RCP is far more than just a widget toolkit; it is effectively rich client "middleware2" that provides a comprehensive framework for building and deploying applications that are modular, extensible, and updatable. The kinds of applications you can build with Eclipse RCP are limited only by your imagination.

Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) was released as part of the Eclipse 3.0 platform in an effort to formalize what some organizations had been already been doing with earlier versions: using the richness of the open source Eclipse platform to delivery high quality applications that provide rich user experiences. Since then, numerous organizations (including ESA, NASA, IBM, and Novell) have started to leverage Eclipse as the delivery platform for their own applications. As Eclipse continues to evolve, so does the support for building rich client applications.

During this session, through a combination of presentation and demonstration, we will show you how how you can leverage the entire Eclipse eco-system to build and deploy rich client applications targetting multiple operating systems (Linux, Unix, MacOS, Windows, and mobile devices).

(28.11.2006 - 17:00-17:50 Uhr)